What is Bitcoin? — Learning Crypto

1 min readDec 13, 2022

All about Bitcoin

This week, Tilton Talks Crypto, the livestream and podcast brought to you by SmartFi, will be tackling the seemingly simple question. “What is Bitcoin?”.

As Aaron Tilton, SmartFi’s Co-founder and CEO and Martin Tillier, the company’s Head of Research find out, answering that and all the questions around it is not as easy as you might think!

Where to buy it, how to store it

The episode will start with the now regular “News you can Use” segment before tackling the big question, with Tovar bringing us the headlines and Halie asking the questions.

Get cash and keep your bitcoin

Find out how you can keep your bitcoin and get cash for your collateral with SmartFi’s BTC loans.

This is a must-see episode of Tilton Talks Crypto, no matter how experienced you are in the crypto space, and it can be watched live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Discord and Telegram or downloaded from SmartFi.com shortly after the livestream.




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