What Is Ethereum? — Learning Crypto

2 min readJan 12, 2023

Tilton Talks Crypto

Following on our successful “What is Bitcoin?” episode last month, Tilton Talks Crypto will next be trying to answer the question “What is Ethereum?

As most people familiar with crypto will know, that is not anywhere near as simple a question as it sounds, but if you are to understand the industry, and particularly more recent developments in it, it is an essential one to ask and answer.

Learn About Ethereum

You can find out about the history of Ethereum, who created it and why, the practical uses of the network, and what the future may hold, as well as the answers to more immediate questions around staking, and how to borrow against holdings of ether, the network’s token.

Your hosts, SmartFi’s Cofounder and CEO Aaron Tilton and Head of Research Martin Tillier, each have decades of experience in business and financial markets, so will be able to answer these questions in a way that will make sense.

Watch It Live

Downloads will be available on our podcast page shortly after the event. If you can, though, catch us live via YouTube, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok to join in the fun and give yourself a chance of winning $50 in SMTF! We look forward to seeing you!




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